Aja Ekadashi 2015 – Muhurat And Vrat Katha

Aja Ekadashi 2017 – Muhurat And Vrat Katha

Lord Vishnu is one of the most important Hindu Gods to many devotees across the world. He is a part of the Trimurti of Hindu Gods along with Shiva and Brahma. While Brahma is known as the Creator and Shiva as the Destroyer; Vishnu is the Preserver of our Universe.

Aja Ekadashi is an important festival dedicated to the worship of Lord Vishnu. This year, Aja Ekadashi falls on the 8th of September, which is the lunar day of Bhadrapada Krishna Paksha Ekadashi.


Ekadashi Tithi Begins = 03:10 on 8/Sep/2017
Ekadashi Tithi Ends = 04:07 on 9/Sep/2017

Aja Ekadashi – Vrat Katha

1.There was once a king named Harishchandra, who was well known for his honesty and noble manner. He was well respected by those in his kingdom. The famous sages Vashista and Vishwamitra however doubted the truthfulness of the king.

2. Vishwamitra declared that the king was not as truthful as everyone believed even though Vashista thought otherwise. The noble king respected the views of Vishwamitra and decided to renounce his kingdom and live a life of seclusion. He went and settled in Kashi where he became an undertaker, with a lot of grief in his heart.

3. During his stay at Kashi, Harishchandra came across another famous sage by the name of Gautama. He disclosed the reality about his plight to Gautama who lend a kind ear to the king. On hearing the sad story of the king’s life, Gautama advised him to observe a fast on the Krishna Paksh Ekadashi of the Bhadrapada month, known as Aja or Annada Ekadashi.

4. The king continued living his life truthfully and religiously and observed the fast of Aja Ekadashi with great devotion. The result of that was that Vishwamitra was convinced about the pious and sin-free nature of the king, and gave him back the right to rule his kingdom.

5. Miraculously, the king was also able to revive the lives of his dead son and his wife even returned to him. After that the pious king lived a happy life and ruled his kingdom in great prosperity. Thus is the greatness of the holy fast on Aja Ekadashi.

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