Chaturdashi Amavasya – A Very Significant Day During Pitru Paksha

Chaturdashi Amavasya – A Very Significant Day During Pitru Paksha
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Pitru Paksha is a special time period during the Hindu year when Hindus pay their respects to the souls of their ancestors by performing Shradh rituals at holy locations. Pitru Paksha is a time period of 16 days during the Bhadrapada Maas of the Hindu month when the wandering souls of dead relatives and ancestors come to earth in form of energies, which have the power to affect our daily lives.

These souls come in search of food and warmth and it is the duty of the next generations to provide the same for the wandering souls. It is a devotee’s goal to free their ancestor’s soul from the cycle of life and death and help them to seek Mukti or liberation.

The day of Chaturdashi Shradha is an important occasion during the amavasya of Pitru Paksha. Let us look at some facts that highlight its importance.

Chaturdashi Amavasya

1. The Amavasya of Ashwin Maas falls during the auspicious period of Pitru Paksha, which is ideal for shradha and dan punya activities.

2. It is a crucial day during the Hindu year for seeking the blessings of our ancestors, mainly those who have died from mishaps such as accidents, disease, suicide or murder.

3. Chaturdashi Shradha is also known as Ghat Shradha and Ghayala Shradha. The blessings one gets from their ancestors by performing penance and rituals on Chaturdashi Shradha are immensely powerful.

4. This day is also ideal for the Shradha rituals of those ancestors, the living relatives of whom cannot remember the time of their death.


Kutup  Muhurat – 10:59 to 11:46

Duration – 46 Mins

Rohina Muhurat – 11:46 to 12:32

Duration – 46 Mins

Aparahna Kaal – 12:32 to 14:52

Duration – 2 Hours 19 Mins

Chaturdashi Tithi Begins = 00:16 on 11/Oct/2017

Chaturdashi Tithi Ends = 02:58 on 12/Oct/2017

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