Damodara Dwadashi 2015 – Rituals And Importance

Damodara Dwadashi 2017 – Rituals And Importance

Lord Vishnu is one of the most important Hindu Gods to many devotees across the world. He is a part of the Trimurti of Hindu Gods along with Shiva and Brahma. While Brahma is known as the Creator and Shiva as the Destroyer; Vishnu is the Preserver of our Universe.

Throughout the ages Lord Vishnu has manifested in different Avatars either on earth or in heaven. His purpose has always been the restoration of Dharma or ‘the path of Righteousness’ and the destruction of evil. There are many legends associated with him that cement his status as the Swayam Bhagwan.

Some Facts About The Significance Of Shravan Maas

1. Shravan Maas is marked by the appearance of the Shravan constellation of stars in the sky, and is devoted largely to the worship of Lord Shiva. Performing the Lord’s worship during this auspicious month can bring several great benefits to the lives of devotees, who are blessed by the grace of Shiva.

2. It is the month that is associated with the monsoon season which is crucial to the harvesting of crops and the prevention of droughts. Thus Shravan Maas is considered to be especially significant for gaining the blessings of the Gods.

Importance Of The Damodara Dwadashi Fast

Damodara Dwadashi is a special occasion dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It falls on the twelfth day of the Shukla phase of Shravan Maas. Performing dedicated ritualistic worship of Lord Vishnu on this day can bring great happiness and prosperity to the lives of devotees. It is said that worshipping Lord Vishnu is as effective as the worship of Lord Shiva during the Shravan Maas. Donating rice, fruits and clothes to Brahmin priests is considered auspicious on this day.

This year Damodara Dwadashi falls on 26th August, which is the lunar day of Shravan Shukla Paksha Dwadashi.

Rituals Of Damodara Dwadashi 2017

1. Taking holy baths in the morning to cleanse the body and soul

2. Observing fast throughout the day.

3. Offering flowers, incense, water, lamps and a hand fan.

4. Performing panchamrit worship of Lord Vishnu

5. Visiting nearby Vishnu temple and listening to bhajans and bhakti songs all night.

6. Chanting of Vishnu Sahasranama and other mantras of Lord Vishnu.

7. Donating clothes and food to Brahmins as an act of charity.Click here to feed Brahmans at Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

Click Here To Offer Prasad to Lord Vishnu On The Special Occasion Of Vasudeva Dwadashi 2017

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