Do you believe in Karma? If yes, we are looking for you…


We at are here to connect people to their faith.

For some, faith is karma. Good work. If you are one of them – keep reading.

We are a startup – high in energy, evolving every day. We are unique. And, we love what we do.

We are working on something BIG. We’ll make a dent in Indian internet ecosystem. Those who are not ‘online’ – will start using internet to connect to ‘Gods’.

And, it’s not just us. There are many good folks out there who believe in our vision. One such team is Morpheus! Yes, we are a Morpheus batch 8 company. Or, simply talk to any of our clients – and you’ll know!

Our hiring philosophy is simple – ‘People, not positions’. If we like you, you are on. That’s it. We will give you full freedom. It’s then your job to figure out a position with the team.

So if you think that you are ‘different’. You have the gut to take on challenges head-on. And, you are good in what you do – drop in a line at

Apply, right away if you think that this is you –

  1. You love traveling and taking pictures. You are religious. And, most importantly, you have an innate sense of judging people, i.e. you intuitively know whether a person is true at heart or faking it! We will send you on a religious tour of India for ‘business development’. Fun, isn’t it?
  2. You are the problem solver. The ultimate ‘jugaad’ guy. And, you have some amazing people skills. We will give you the opportunity to be you – and you’ll love it!
  3. You have good content writing/editing skills and you love the topic of religion, faith and culture. We will make sure that what you create – would be read by the world. You’ll be the rockstar of religion!