Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja – Benefits And Samagri List

Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja – Benefits And Samagri List
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Lord Ganesh is one of the most lovable Gods in Hinduism along with Lord Krishna. He is quite special and is also known as Ganapati and Vinayak. Ganesh is the remover of obstacles and the provider of wealth, knowledge and prosperity and is widely revered by Hindus everywhere.

Ganesh Chaturthi is the festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Ganesh, celebrated by millions of Hindus across the world. It is one of the key celebrations of the Hindu calendar that devotees eagerly await every year. Worshipping Lord Ganesh on the special occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi can gain one the powerful blessings of Lord Ganesh, which has the ability to vastly improve one’s life.

Benefits Of Ganesh Pooja During Ganesh Chaturthi

1. The worship of Lord Ganesh brings good fortune to one’s personal and professional life.

2. This pooja helps one become wise and knowledgeable.

3. The souls of the worshippers are purified by the grace of Lord Ganesh.

4. Financial difficulties are resolved easily by performing Ganesh pooja and one can gain great success in their business.

5. Helps to control the influence of the Rajas and Tamas Gunas of the worshippers.

6. Activates the Adnya Chakra of the devotee.

7. Lord Ganesh is worshipped before the pooja of any other God and before starting any new professional ventures.

8. Ganesh pooja during the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi increases the effect of this pooja manifold.

2017 Ganesh Chaturthi – Muhurat

Ganesh Chaturthi 2017 is on Thursday, 17September.

Chaturthi Tithi Begins = 20:01 on 16/Sep/2017

Chaturthi Tithi Ends = 22:20 on 17/Sep/2017

Ganesh utsav will be celebrated from 17September 2017 (Ganesha Chaturthi) to 27th September 2017 (Anant Chaturdashi). If you are also willing to worship lord Ganesha during these days, it is important for you to note the auspicious Time and Muhurat for Ganpati Sthapana at your home. Ganesh Avahana or Sthapana (installation of Ganesha) is done on first day i.e. 17September 2017.

Best Pooja Muhurat for Ganesh Chaturthi 2017

The best time to perform puja and aarti for 2017 Ganesh Chaturthi is Madhyahana Puja Time = 10:18 to 12:43

Duration = 2 Hours 25 Mins

It is believed that Lord Ganesh was born during Madhyahana Kaal. Hence, Ganesh Chaturthi Puja should preferably be done during Madhyahana.

Ganesh Pooja Samagri

Several items are required for the successful completion of Ganesh pooja at home. Some of these items are Dhruva grass, Genda flowers, fruits, Modak etc. To get a complete list of items necessary for Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja, please check out our Special Ganesh Pooja Kit HERE.

Ganesh Chaturthi Special Pooja Samagri Kit

Now you can perform Ganesha pooja in the comfort of your home along with your family members. Onlineprasad Ganesh Pooja kit contains a beautiful earthen Ganesha idol along with an audio CD and booklet (containing introduction, instructions, shlokas, Shri Ganesh Ashtotarashata Naamaavali in Devanagiri, English, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu)

In addition the kit has 21 pooja accessory items:

1. Haridraa

2. Kumkuma

3. Pooja Akshatta

4. Pooja Bell

5. Yagnopavita

6. Vastra

7. Agarbathi

8. Deepam

9. Pugi Phala

10. Karpoora

11. Karpoora holder for aarti

12. Cup Sambrani

13. Cup Sambrani and Agarbathi holder

14. Bhasmam

15. Peetha for Bell

16. Gopi Mrutika

17. Chandanam tablets

18. Kankana (for your wrist)

19. Peetha (for Ganesha)

20. Rangoli Powder

21. Rangoli Stencil

22. Thorana

Few Guidelines For Ganesh Pooja

1. The idol of Lord Ganesh must be kept with its back to a wall, and not towards any openings (doors, windows etc).

2. One must avoid putting the Ganesh idol in the Southern direction as it considered unholy. It is recommended to keep the idol of Lord Ganesh in the Eastern or Western direction.

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