How To Have A Safe Diwali – Seek Maa Lakshmi’s Blessings The Safe Way

How To Have A Safe Diwali – Seek Maa Lakshmi’s Blessings The Safe Way

Diwali, also known as Deepavali is the Hindu festival of lights, celebrated by millions of devotees worldwide. It is the Hindu festival of lights that comes once a year and is eagerly awaited by everyone.

On that note, let us have a look at some special safety tips for a great Diwali.

Safety Tips For A Happy Diwali

1. One must ensure that the celebration of the festival of lights is free from any issues. There are some precautions that one needs to keep in mind in order to ensure a safe and happy diwali for themselves and their families. Make sure you buy Fireworks from a licensed shop.

2. Firecrackers should be bought from reputed shops which sell such products that adhere to safety standards. Once you’ve bought the firecrackers, keep them in a shielded place away from open flames and electrical mains. Keep them away from infants too as they contain toxic materials.

3. Try to light firecrackers in big open spaces such as playgrounds and courtyards, rather than in closed, congested areas. In case the fires get out of control, you will then have the option to make an escape and more means to douse it.

4. However, you must keep water buckets and blankets ready in case of fire hazards. Do not wear materials such as silk, nylon or polyester as they are more flammable than simple cotton ones. Keep the fire brigade services on speed dial as you must be ready in case of large, uncontrollable fires. Keep your face and eyes away from firecrackers as they can cause permanent damage.

5. Refrain from using fireworks that exceed the acceptable Decibel levels as they have the unfortunate ability of injuring or even deafening a person’s hearing. Please be considerate of children who are studying even during the days of Diwali, due to their fast approaching exams.

6. Diwali is definitely the greatest celebration of light and energy in our world. It is our privilege and right to enjoy is as much as we can. But we must ensure that we do so within the norms of safety and security.
May Maa Lakshmi’s blessings always be with you as she graces you with her auspiciousness this Diwali.

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