Kamada Ekadashi 2016: Fast for Fastest Blessings

Kamada Ekadashi


In 2017 it is on April 17. Kamada Ekadashi fast gives the fastest fruitful benefits to those who observe it with dedication. 


  • This Ekadasi is believed to be the first Ekadasi of the Hindu New Year.
  • The name Kamada means – ‘The one that grants all wishes.’
  • Lord Krishna is worshiped on this Ekadashi.
  • It is believed that if someone observes the Vrat (fast), the person gets rid from all sins.
  • If a female keeps the fast, the good effects of this fast helps her to conceive a child.
  • Also, if someone observes the fast, the person goes to heaven, after death.

Kamada Ekadashi 2017: Rituals Of The Day


  • The person observing the Vrat, should practice purity, a day before observing the fast.
  • The duration of the fast is 24 hours and it starts from the day of Dashami (tenth day of the month).
  • One should wake up early in the morning and take bath with soil that should be taken from some pure place.
  • After this, the devotee should recite the Satya Narayan Katha (Lord Vishnu legends).

Fast Timings


On 18th, Parana Time = 07:39 to 08:36
On Parana Day Hari Vasara End Moment = 07:39