– the start!

Bolo Karni Mata ki Jai!

It was Navratra – and yours truly was at his native village ‘Deshnoke’ – standing in a queue to enter the temple. Probably, the first time my ‘jugaad’ seemed to fail.

(I don’t remember waiting for more than 30 minutes to enter any temple! 😛 Now, you know whom to call to know special temple tips! )

In the queue – I was bored. I was unhappy. And suddenly – aha! moment. I was excited.

Came home. Discussed this with my dad. He was excited. And, so it began…

Back in Gurgaon, I pitched and discussed this idea with friends at SLP. The concept of ‘lean startup’ was bubbling in my head.

Step #1 was customer validation. There followed a lot of phone calls – both me and my dad. And, voila! we had customer cash before we even had our logo!

Step#2 was product development.  After lot of back and forth with design, logo, etc. – we had it! (Yes, Calcutta is cheap!)

Step#3 more customer validation – we went to ‘Ranisati Dadi Basant Mahotsav’ Dhanbad – managed to get a small counter. What meant to be an information counter, ended up as a pre-order sales counter.

Step#4 New year Prasad offering on Jan 1, 2012 at Ranisati temple, Jhunjhunu. After an all night Pilani-like new year party, I  found myself on a Haryana roadways bus to Pilani (Jhunjhunu).

The slogan was – Jai Dadi Ki! And, I had the privilege of offering Prasad for our first few devotees. It was a great experience. You can check out our humble beginnings pics on our facebook page – here. (Local tip, whenever you want to get some work done in tier-3 places, take your camera with you – it helps! 🙂 )

Step#5 was a real headache – getting the Prasad delivered. What should have been the easiest step, turned out to be a nightmare. I now fully appreciated why Filpkart chose to get into logistics.

Once the Prasad reached the devotees, the response was phenomenal.

It was truly satisfying. I felt happy. And so it had begun…



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  • Hi goonjan, Really its nice to have this typy of of service given by you… was truely blessed….i felt happy…always be keep this type service to public…i need to further special puja offering to god by specially…go ahead Dear Brother