The Place where Lord Ram did 11 years of Vanvas

Chitrakoot: The Place where Lord Ram did 11 years of Vanvas


  • It is a prominent place cited in the great Hindu epic ‘Ramayana’.
  • Lord Rama along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman spent 11 of their 14 years of ‘Vanvas’ (exile) in this holy city.
  • The enchanting and peaceful environment acted as a source of inspiration for the renowned poet Goswami Tulsidas to write Ramcharitmanas, a poem in Awadhi depicting the life of Lord Rama.
  • The place is dotted with many temples and sacred attractions that help to retrace the footprints of Lord Rama.

Ramghat – Experience the Oneness of Body and Soul


  • Perched on the banks of Mandakini River, Ramghat is an important center of many rituals.
  • Legend has it that Lord Ram along with Sita Ji and Laxman, took bath here after arriving in Chitrakoot.

Kamadgiri – Undertake the Circumambulation of Salvation


  • Kamadgiri is a verdant hill that is considered to be the heart of Chitrakoot.
  • The place is swarmed by devotees all around the year as they perform a ritual parikrama (circumambulation) of the hill.
  • One of the major temples of Shri Kamta Nath is nestled on the parikrama path.

Sati Anusuya Ashram – The Birthplace of Mandakini River


  • Sati Anusuya Ashram is around 17 km from Ramghat.
  • Sati Anusuya brought down the Mandakini River to quench the thirst of her husband Maharishi Atri (one of the first Saptha Rishis).
  • That is why the place is known as the birthplace of Mandakini River.

Janaki Kund – Bathing Place of Goddess Sita


  • Janaki Kund is a place where Goddess Sita used to take bath during the period of exile from Ayodhya.
  • It is a unique cave and one has to climb the steps to reach the pristine pool, located on the left bank of the Mandakini River.
  • The footprints of Sita can still be seen here and are worshipped by the devotees.
  • There is a temple nearby the pool dedicated to Lord Rama and Sita.

Hanuman Dhara – Natural Spring Water Falling on Lord Hanuman Idol


  • This place is famous for a stream of water falling upon the Idol of Lord Hanuman
  • Legend has it that this stream of water was created by Lord Ram to cool off the body of Lord Hanuman after burning Lanka, the kingdom of demon king Ravana.

Bharat Milap Temple – Where Selfless Love between Brothers Melted Stones


  • The magnificent Bharat Milap Temple is a place where Bharat (one of the younger brothers of Lord Rama) came to meet Lord Ram and offered him the kingdom of Ayodhya.
  • According to mythological stories, the meeting between the two brothers was so overwhelming that even the stones melted. Their footprints can still be seen engraved in the stones.

Gupt Godavari – The Secret Water Springs of Chitrakoot


  • Gupt Godavari is primarily a cave temple.
  • It is around 18 km away from Ramghat.
  • The caves are filled with crystal-clear spring water and it is believed that the water is connected to the Godavari River underground.
  • That is why the place got the name Gupt Godavari.
  • Walking barefoot on the cold water is a very delightful experience.
  • The Panchmukhi Shiva located outside the caves.

Located on the banks of the pious Mandakini River in Madhya Pradesh, the sacred city is a potpourri of devotion, legend and traditions. It is a place of purification and spiritual enlightenment. Natural lush-green forests, cascading streams, beautiful waterfalls, aesthetically carved temples and calls of ‘Jai Sri Ram’, lend the region a heavenly feel, which penetrates the whole atmosphere and makes one feel closer to the Lord. For me, it is a city, possessing a divine magnetic pull that calms the senses and soul.