Rangoli for Diwali that will Drop your Jaws !

Rangoli for Diwali that will Drop your Jaws !

Rangoli is a timeless tradition that is followed all over India. Rangoli is also known as alpana, aroma, or kolam. It is an ancient art, practiced by almost all households. In many cases, designs are passed down through generations with some of them being hundreds of years old.

The word ‘rangoli’ is said to have been derived from the words ‘rang’ and ‘aavalli’ which refers to a row of colours. Rangoli designs and colours vary between different regions but they all follow some basic patterns. A rangoli usually has a geometrical structure that is also symmetrical. The design patterns often consist of natural elements like animals, flowers, etc.


Here are some of the Top designs of Rangoli for Diwali this Season !

  1. rangoli1
  2. rangoli6
  3. rangoli8
  4. rangoli9
  5. rangoli10
  6. rangoli2
  7. rangoli5
  8. rangoli4
  9. rangoli3