Sheetala Ashtami: A Fast that Eliminates Diseases

Sheetala Ashtami Fast Eliminates Diseases


  • In Skanda Purana, Sheetla Mata’s Stotram has been called Sheetlashtak.
  • It is believed that Sheetlashtak was written by Lord Shiva.
  • Sheetla Mata is worshipped as an important Hindu Goddess.
  • The magnificence of Goddess Sheetla has been explained in numerous religious scriptures.
  • Goddess Sheetla has been talked about in Skanda Purana in detail.
  • She can be seen holding a pot, soup, broom ad neem leaves.
  • She rides a donkey.

Sheetala Ashtami Worship


  • This is known as Basauda.
  • This is done on the day of Ashtami.
  • Devotees also fast on this day and worship Goddess Sheetla.
  • Sheetla Mata’s story is also recited.
  • After this, she is worshipped and Sheetlashtak is read.
  • Sheetlashtak explains the magnificence of Sheetla Mata.
  • Her mantras are also chanted.
  • After Sheetla Mata’s worship, Prasad is distributed among all the devotees.
  • Sheetala Ashtami is known as Basauda in northern India.
  • According to beliefs, keeping this fast eliminates all kinds of health problems like fever, chickenpox, eye problems etc.
  • Importance of Sheetala Ashtami


  • Sheetla Mata is worshipped on the Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha in Chaitra, Vaishakh, Jyeshtha and Ashadh months.
  • Hence, these days are known as Sheetala Ashtami. I
  • n present times, Sheetla Mata’s worship encourages a person about cleanliness and hygiene.

Sheetala Ashtami Puja Timings


Ashtami Tithi Begins = 08:28 on 31/Mar/2017
Ashtami Tithi Ends = 08:53 on 1/Apr/2017