Trailanga Swami: Lord Shiva of Varanasi

Trailanga Swami: Lord Shiva of Varanasi who lived for 300 Years

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20th January 2017 is the 409th Birthday of  Trailanga Swami.
He was considered as an incarnation of the Lord Shiva and referred as the “The walking Lord Shiva of Varanasi”.

His Journey to Varanasi

swami's journey to varanasi

  1. Trailanga Swami was born in Holia at Vizianagaram in Andhra Pradesh.
  2. His parents, the devotees of Lord Shiva, named him Shivarama.
  3. His parents died when he was 40 years old.
  4. After death of his parents he renounced the society and did spiritual practice for twenty years.
  5. Later he went on a pilgrimage.
  6. It is believed that he reached Prayag in 1733 and got settled down in Varanasi in the year 1737.

Legends and stories

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  1. Trailanga Swami lived a great life for around 300 years and displayed his miraculous powers.
  2. He ate seldom, was weighing over 140 kg.
  3. He was fully able to read the people’s mind like a book.
  4. Many times he had seen drinking toxic poisons with no ill effect.
  5. Once upon a time, some of the disbeliever wanted to declare him as a scam.
    In this order they brought a bucket full with the calcium lime mixture.
    Telang Swami drank the full bucket without any ill effect.
    Then he broke his natural silence in order to clarify the law of karma, its reason and effect.
  6. Pilgrims at Varanasi saw him many times in a sitting position on the water surface of the river Ganges for many days.
  7. He also use to disappear for long periods under the waves of water, and reappear as well.

Swami’s Philosophies

Trailanga Swamy’s  philosophy is extant and available in his life history by one of his disciples, the Umacharan Mukhopadhyay.

Trailanga Swami had described the attachment of human to the world, the liberation and the assimilation in God.

If someone attains the desirelessness state, this world is then altered into the heaven. He can be liberated from the cycle of birth and death. Just like, this world is a chronic disease and the medicine is the way to detachment from disease.

He described to his devotees that all the desire senses of the human body is his enemy and the control senses is his friend.

He had given the real description of a poor person that the one who is very greedy is very poor.

He described the Sadhu as one who has no attachment and desire

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