Why was such a huge text of Mahabharata written?

Why was Mahabharata Written ?


  1. Vedavyasa was a very practical man
  2. He understood that, unless told in an interesting manner, the knowledge of the Vedas are bound to diminish over time. (If we see today’s condition, this is exactly what has happened)
  3. Thus, something needed to be done to pass on the knowledge contained in the Vedas, in an easily sustainable and interesting way.
  4. At the same time, the events leading to the Mahabharatha war were happening.
  5. Seizing the opportunity, Vedavyasa decided to two tasks at the same time:
    (a) to narrate the story of the war,
    (b) to include some knowledge of the Vedas.
  6. With this intention, he created the epic of Mahabharatha.
  7. If you see the contents of Mahabharatha, in addition to the stories, we can find innumerable places where philosophical and spiritual knowledge has been very cleverly placed.


Take for example: the Yaksha prashna, Viduraneeti, Shrikrishna Sandhaana, Bhishma’s teachings to Yudhisthira, the entire Vanaparva where the Pandavas interact with various sages in the forest, etc etc. And of course, the Bhagavad Geeta.

Have you read Bhagavada Gita ?

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